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        Today is:

        About Us

        Dezhou Tianyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. , established in May 2002, is a high-tech enterprise of R & D, production and marketing. The company lied in Tianqu Industrial Park in Dezhou city, where is near exit of Binzhou-Decheng Expressway, 104 National Road and Beijing-Shanghai Railway. The transportation is very convenient. The company covers an area of over 50,000 square meters, owns registered capital of 50 million yuan and fixed assets of 200 million yuan. The annual sales revenue is over 150 million yuan and the tax is more than 10 million yuan. Our company is domestic major enterprise in the production of propargyl alcohol and 1, 4-butynediol.
        Now there are 150 employees in our company, 45% of them are college educated or above and 12 are senior technicians. The company has 6 advanced production lines with the annual propargyl alcohol output of 1,800 tons and butynediol output of 3,000 tons. There is independent laboratory with imported meteorological chromatography instrument, moisture meter and a dozen of experienced laboratory staffs to control the quality strictly. In 2004, we passed the ISO9000 quality system certification and the company reached a new level in management, production scale, quality, market coverage and R & D capability. For a decade of efforts and innovation, the company has formed a management philosophy of "ideas determine, decisions assume overall situation, management concerns success, mechanisms ensure implementation". Our work has great progress and we achieved encouraging results and honors: 2006, 2007, 2008 "Observe contracts and value credit" enterprise assessed by Dezhou Decheng District Trade Union; 2009 "Advance unit of safe production" and "Credit private enterprise" assessed by Decheng District People's Government, etc.
        The propargyl alcohol and butynediol we produced has a wide application use. Mainly used in medicine, pesticide, manufacture and synthesis of plastic, synthetic fiber, artificial leather, preservative, etc. Butynediol is good solvent and can be used as brightener in electroplating industry. These products have a bright future. Now our products are sold to over a dozen provinces and have been exported to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries. With high and steady quality and thoughtful services, our products have won the trust and high reputation from our customers.
        After ten years of continuous efforts and innovation, our company has formed the management idea of "pragmatic, create first-class management track, build integrity and strive for high quality and efficiency industry". We are looking forward to cooperate with customers at home and abroad and create bright future.